/Don’t Mess with Your Resume

Don’t Mess with Your Resume

Syracuse recruiter offer top tips for a great resume

By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Although many companies recruit employment candidates by having them fill out an online form, you should have a resume to keep your information together and for those firms that still want an uploaded resume. Stephanie M. Vavonese, founder and executive recruiter at SMV Recruiting, LLC in Syracuse, offered a few tips for a stand-out resume.

• “Put the education at the top.

• “Break it out if you had a part-time job.

• “Make an internship section. Highlight how many hours a week you did it.

• “If you did a study abroad, make sure it’s on there.

• “Put a section for extras, volunteering or civic experience. They want to see people who are well rounded who give back.

• “These days, you have all these formats and templates. They get really convoluted and lose their formatting when uploaded into an applicant tracking system. Use MS Word, typical classical resume style with Times New Roman in 11-point font. Use a half-inch border.”

• “For a recent grad, you should keep it to one page. People think they have to put one thought on a different bullet, but don’t be afraid to group things.

• “On average someone looks at a resume 20 seconds. I look for location, a degree, GPA, internship experience and for a recent grad, a brief summary of what you’re looking for in two or three

• “Use bullets. I like bullets. They’re clear and concise.

• “Don’t put pictures of yourself. It’s a big no-no with DEI goals.

• “The internship is really important. If you have a part-time job, go up to your boss and ask if you can make it last for the next two months and make it an internship and see if your boss will mentor you. Most internships are paid unless you are getting credit. With the internship, make sure you’re fully committed to the hours you say you can do.”

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