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Why Advertise?

Why advertise with College Life?

Why advertise to college students? They have a substantial purchasing power. Rates are very, very inexpensive.

Every semester more than 10,000 students converge on the campuses of SUNY Oswego and Fulton Cayuga Community College.

A survey released in 2013 by marketing firm re:fuel, conducted by Crux Research, shows that about 22 million students across the country head back to college every semester. The survey shows they control a massive $117 billion in discretionary purchasing power.

According to the survey, the biggest expenditure among students are:

• Food, including restaurant, convenience stores and grocery stores
• Housing, including rental, furniture and appliances
• Entertaining, including bars, shows, go-kart, and other options
• Auto, including insurance, maintenance and gas.
• Services, including body shop, accounting, laundromat
• Health, including yoga services, dentists, doctors and health services in general
• Apparel, including clothing, jewelry and shoes

While the study doesn’t single out any region or campus, it’s believed that SUNY Oswego and Fulton Cayuga Community campus follow the same trend as in other regions of the country.