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10 Ways to Meet People on Campus

It’s not really hard. Just get involved

By Deborah J. Sergeant

Meeting new friends represents one of the more fun — and, at times, challenging — aspects of college. If you’re introverted, it may feel like your freshman year of high school. Here’s how you can meet some people and make friends on campus.

1. Join a club or extra-curricular activity.
Select something in which you have genuine interest, not just something you think will look good on your future resume. That way you can befriend like-minded collegians.

2. Find common ground. If you hear someone in line at the bookstore gripe or rave about something and you agree, strike up a conversation. The commonality may lead to acquaintance and friendship.

3. Chat up your roommates. Despite the roommate horror stories you may have heard, many college students find deep friendship among their roommates. Stay open-minded and give them a chance. View your differences as opportunities to learn.

4. Volunteer.
Just as with joining a club, volunteering can bring people across your path who feel the same as you do if you choose a cause important to you. Volunteering also shows your caring, giving side and gives others a peek at what’s important to you.

5. Take part in a study group. While you may have less in common with members of a study group, you may cross paths with people you may not otherwise meet. Sometimes people with little in common still “click” as friends.

6. Hang around public places.
Holing up in your room won’t bring many potential friends to you.

7. Stay approachable.
Get your eyes off your phone and your ear buds out of your ears so more people will want to talk with you. If you’re constantly plugged in, many people will skip right over you.

8. Tag along.
Even if you’re not close to anyone in the group, accept invitations to socialize. You may meet someone else who becomes a close friend in time.

9. Take time to have some fun.
Of course you’re at college to hit the books, but part of the experience is learning to network and make friends. Attend events and socialize. Few people make friends at the library.

10. Be friendly.
As simple as it sounds, reaching out to befriend someone may result in a great friendship. Many other people want to make friends, too.

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