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10Ways to Make College More Fun

By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

You attend college to learn and prepare for your future career. But you should have some fun as well. It helps to destress and that enables you to become a better student. Try these 10 ways to make college more fun:

1. Take time to establish and cultivate friendships. They may not form in the dorm, but you need some tight friendships. Respond to texts and messages, follow through when you make plans and focus on the other person. (If it’s all about you, you’re just using others. Deep friendships are give-and-take.)

2. Meet new people. While it’s easy to stay within the cliques of others who share your major, dorm room and interests, meet people outside your circles. Go with your roommate to an event that doesn’t interest you initially. Or meet up with friends-of-friends. Befriend someone who seems different from you. The experience can be eye opening.

3. Try something unusual. Getting out of your rut and attempting a new hobby or activity may surprise you with how much fun it is. Or at least provide your friends with hilarious social media material.

4. Visit downtown. Students often become wrapped up in campus life to the point where they don’t get away much; however, there’s a whole vibrant downtown are in Oswego waiting for you. Visit its small shops, historic sites, parks and places of entertainment like a tourist.

5. Go to local events. Check out your college town’s events calendar and attend a local festival, concert or other event. You’ll feel like a local in no time.

6. Join a college club, team or other extra-curricular group.

7. Give your studies adequate time and attention. While studying and writing papers sounds like the opposite of fun, cramming at the last minute is definitely not fun at all. By planning ahead, you can relax and enjoy your free time, knowing that your grades won’t suffer.

8. Attend events on campus. Recitals, plays, guest performers, games…the entertainment available on campus never stops. With your student ID, much of this is free r else deeply discounted.

9. Take a weekend trip with friends. It doesn’t have to be a big getaway, but a road trip with your friends makes memories.

10. Deck out your dorm room. As your first home-away-from-home, make your space reflect you.

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