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Kaitlyn Anderson recently opened 3.21 Salads eatery downtown in Oswego.

3.21 Salads

Garden deliciousness comes to downtown Oswego

By Maria Pericozzi

Before Kaitlyn Anderson’s grandfather passed away, he told her she should go into business because she makes the best salads.

Last year, Anderson decided she would open a food truck, honoring her grandfather by naming it after his birthday. She recently opened a location at 81 E. Bridge St. in Oswego.

Each item on the menu corresponds with a birthday of a family member, except for one item that is a badge number.

In 2013, Anderson had a brain tumor removed and has problems with her short-term memory. The numbers help trigger her brain into remembering what she needs to.

“If you say you want a 5.29, that’s a wedge,” Anderson said. “It’s my mom’s favorite salad and her birthday.”

She invested around $15,000 in the new location, remodeling for a “feel good” vibe in the location.

“When it became winter, I panicked because I didn’t know what to do with my food truck and there goes my income,” Anderson said.

She grew up in Oswego and had been doing odd jobs before she opened the business, including cleaning. After her brain tumor, Anderson could not continue her education, so she did what she could to get by. Anderson said she had a vision for the building when she saw it.

“The building just became available, and when I walked through it, it had all the kitchen stuff available,” Anderson said. “It’s a good location and will be great for Harborfest as well. I like the businesses around me, too.”

Long term, Anderson is hoping to franchise 3.21 Salads. She would love to open a location down south, where her brother lives, and expand the business.

“It’s a big dream,” Anderson said.

3.21 Salads offers a variety of items, including taco salad and Buffalo chicken which are the most popular choices. The house soup is a dill pickle potato soup because it went over so well, Anderson said.

She prides herself on providing fresh ingredients to customers. The strawberry vinaigrette and ginger dressing is made in house.”

“Everything is made fresh here,” Anderson said. “I partnered with a hydroponic plant, and the mixed greens, tomatoes and lettuce come with the roots still on it, so it’s that fresh.”

Anderson said she is hoping to expand her menu in the future and add new things. She just started offering wraps, which she presses on the grill. She said the location also got cleared for outdoor seating, so she will be putting tables and chairs outside as well.

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