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Best Dorm Gear

If this is your first year on campus, your parents will probably help you shop for essentials like sheets, towels and a waste basket. But a few other items will help you keep your dorm room organized and make if feel a bit homier.




Since you’re sharing your space with roomies, bedside organizers are a must. The SMALIGOLA Bedside Caddy ($14.99, Amazon) measures 3.93”D x 11.8”W x 7.4”H and can hold a bevy of things you want to keep near you. Even if your bed is on the floor, it’s handy to keep a few items near you since a nightstand isn’t likely an option.


Create more storage space with the Bee Neat Spare Electric/USB Heavy Duty 7.25 INCH Bed Riser ($45.99 for four). In addition to the roomy storage space under your bed, you get an additional charging station for your devices. In addition to space, dorm rooms aren’t known for having lots of convenient outlets.


The Punemi Under Bed Storage With Lids ($34.96/2, Amazon) offers an ideal way to stash extra bedding, shoes and clothing, as the breathable material won’t trap moisture. It’s like getting a couple extra dresser drawers. The hinged lids make it easy to open as well. The storage folds if you want to tuck it away.


SLEEPING LAMB Over The Door Shoe Organizer for Closet ($25, Amazon) boasts large, deep pockets. While this kind of organizer isn’t for heavy things like textbooks and free weights, it can offer solid storage for things far beyond shoes, like towels, toiletries, snacks and more.


The SOLEJAZZ Rolling Storage Cart ($29, Amazon) saves space while providing sturdy storage for all sorts of supplies and gear. Since it’s on wheels, it’s easy to move.





When friends stop by, you can welcome them with a place to sit if you pick up SONGMICS’s 43 Inches Folding Storage Ottoman Bench ($63.99, Amazon). The bench supports 660 lbs. and offers 35 gallons of storage space. A versatile piece like this could serve as a footstool or even a makeshift table. Like the under-bed boxes, it folds for storage in case you want more floor space.


Whether you meditate or not, Degrees of Comfort Meditation Floor Pillow ($32.99, Amazon) provides another flexible form of seating, whether behind your back as you sit on your bed or on the floor for guests. Since it can slide under the bed or between furniture, it’s easy to stow it when not in use.



Homey touches


Making your room feel like it’s yours requires adding a few unique items. 3M’s line of Command products (various prices, retailers like Wal-Mart and Target) provides an easy means to hang up nearly anything—from curtains to keys—without drilling a single hole. Check with your dorm management to ensure they’re accepted, but typically, these non-damaging hangers and hooks are approved. Consider hanging a valance on the window to help absorb sound in your room.


A nuLOOM shag area rug (starting at $21.95, Target) offers plush comfort underfoot while helping deaden sounds in your room. They come in numerous colors and patterns to appeal to any taste, but you might want to pick it out with your roommate’s input.


Merkury Photo Clips Curtain Lights Cascading LED String ($14.99, Target) combines homey lighting with your favorite photos to make your dorm room yours.


Eye Caring Desk Lamp ($13.99 Amazon) works for studying in bed or at your desk without disturbing roommates or straining your eyes.


The Whirlpool 4.3 cu ft Mini Refrigerator ($$189.99, Target) has a full-width freezer, an eight-can dispenser built into the door and can hold two-liter bottles while still small enough to follow dorm policies.

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