/Cool Tech for Your Dorm

Cool Tech for Your Dorm


By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Get the tech gear that will help you enjoy your dorm room more. 

For late night studying, you will want an adjustable clip-on reading light. It will direct the light toward your book so it won’t disturb your roommates. Glocusent Mini (Amazon, $19.99) offers 16 LED lights that last for 80 hours on one solar charge. The blue light filter is easy on the eyes and its five brightness levels ensure the right amount of illumination. 

Keep your devices powered while you’re on the go with Power Bank 26800mAh Portable Charger (Amazon, $35.99). The Power Bank features high speed charging for up to four devices and its 26800mAh battery can charge an iPhone 11 eight times before it will require plugging in. 

Bed risers can help dorm dwellers can valuable storage space. But why not incorporate yet another place to charge devices? Hold N’ Storage Bed Risers (Amazon, $46.89) keeps your charging source close so you won’t have to bumble across the room to turn off the alarm or answer texts as the phone charges. The charger includes two heavy duty, grounded power outlets and two USB ports. The risers lift your bed 7.5” and hold 1,200 lbs. 

To hold all your tech close by your bed, get the JupiterSecret Bedside Caddy (Amazon, $19.95). Think of it as a mini nightstand. It can hold a laptop, tablet, and phone, plus has pouches for essentials like glasses and tissues. The caddy may be hung from a wall by its two grommets or on the bed by tucking its hanging flap between the mattress and box spring. 

To fuel your morning, look to the Keurig K-Express Essentials (Wal-Mart, $82). The single serve coffeemaker won’t gobble up precious dorm room space and it will save you money over buying coffee. The 36-oz. reservoir means you won’t have to constantly refill it. 

Keep healthful snacks and a few treats on hand with the Galanz Mini Fridge (Wal-Mart, $157). Its 3.1-cubit feet size (32.87 inches tall) is as small as a nightstand and includes a small freezer for when you crave your favorite quart or ice for your drink. It comes with a mini ice cube tray. The fridge portion is large enough to hold a two-liter bottle and six cans in the door alone, plus there are two shelves and a drawer in the fridge. Choose from stainless steel or black finish. 

Forget ordinary power strips. Clunky cords fill these up quickly because they waste space. The Pivot Power Genius Power Strip (Amazon, $19.99) pivots at each of its four ports so that you can use every one of them, regardless of the size of your plugs. It’s Alexa-compatible and you can turn two outlets on or off with a phone app or schedule them remotely. The power strip offers 1080 joules of surge protection. 

Superdanny Surge Protector Power Strip (Amazon, $29.87) offers a whopping 22 outlets and six USB ports. The 6.5-foot cord will ensure you can place it wherever you need in your room—and maybe share with your roomies.

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