International Student from Nepal: Oswego is ‘Accepting,’ ‘Supportive’

By Stefan Yablonski


SUNY Oswego student Kaushal Joshi, 22, is from Nepal — he’s happy to call Oswego his new home.

He completed high school at St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar, Nepal, with a focus in biological sciences.

“I found out about SUNY Oswego while searching to apply for colleges as an international student from Nepal,” he said. “Moreover, it was one of the five picks I had made regarding colleges application in New York state. I really liked how smoothly the whole application process went with Oswego as compared to other universities. That sealed the deal for me.”

He came to Oswego in August 2019.

He is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree with a double major in anthropology and global and international studies.

He also works in the International Education and Programs Office, Admissions Office and is a previous Laker leader for orientation.

“I live on campus, as a Village community assistant, in the Village Townhouses,” he said.

“Based on my personal lived experience, I believe that most of the American students, faculty and staff I’ve met on campus have been pretty accepting and eager to help and support me,” he continued.

He recalled the very first group of friends he made in Hart Hall on campus —“they wanted to pronounce and say my name correctly, which I found pretty respectful and inclusive,” he added.

Positive experience

“Have I experienced some form of microaggression or felt uncomfortable at times with my identity of being an international student? Yes!” he said, quickly adding, “However, for me at the end of the day, it is the holistic experience that counts and holistically it has been a pretty positive experience here at SUNY Oswego as an international student.”

At Oswego, he has a multitude of different friends who come from different backgrounds and walks of life.

“The first time I got here, I got close to the group of new Nepali students who had come the same year as me. However, as time progressed and different classes and events happened, I started being friends with some of my American and other international classmates,” he explained. “Moreover, living on campus in Hart Hall, which is the main community geared toward international students, I had made so many friends from different cultures and backgrounds by the end of my first year.”

After Oswego

“For now, my plan is to find a job in higher education or somewhere that caters to international education and the students’ community because of how much I have enjoyed working in higher education here at SUNY Oswego as a student worker in various levels,” he said. “As an international student, after I graduate I get to do a hands-on work experience in a company or institution of my liking that also relates to my major for a year. And after being certain about the sort of professional path I am headed toward, I plan on joining a graduate program based on international relations or higher education.”


“My favorite memory at SUNY Oswego will always be the time I was chosen as the international student representative to say all the countries’ names that are represented in some form within the student, faculty and staff community at SUNY Oswego at the Flags of Nations Opening Ceremony this past fall ‘22 semester,” he added.

He is fluent in English, Nepali and Hindi.

“I also have intermediate fluency in German, he said.

“At first coming to the US, I was really shy and nervous while speaking in English with the English speakers here at Oswego because of my insecurities regarding my tone, accent and so on,” he admitted. “However, spending more time here at SUNY Oswego and making friends from different backgrounds — having English as a commonly spoken language — has really helped me gain confidence and comfort in my speaking skills.”

“Mostly, all international students speak in English while communicating, especially with their classmates and professors. However, if they are within their own cultural friend groups, they can also be seen speaking their native languages,” he said.

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