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Keys to Great Relationships

Employ strategies to ensure a solid relationship while at school

By Leeann Dragos

Attending college brings about a lot of experiences for each individual.

Some things that surround the journey to getting that degree are clubs, sports, friendships, roommate issues, parties, bad Wi-Fi, dining hall food, laundry your mom doesn’t do for you, and the list goes on. There are quite a few things to think about other than those credits you’re striving for.

Chances are you will come across a variety of people along the way, some of whom you will try to stay away from and others that you hope stick by your side through it all. This brings me to the topic of relationships in college. Here are some dos and don’ts along with what to look out for and how to keep things afloat.

Respect each other’s space

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you have to be with your partner all the time. In fact, sometimes space apart can be a great solution to many problems. This isn’t to say that quality alone time with your partner isn’t also important, but make sure to create time for yourself and hang out with your friends. Having a group or a friend to go to when you want to get away is ideal.

If you want to go somewhere or do something without your partner, just tell them. They should be able to respect that, as long as you make time for them when you can. Saying, “Have fun, be safe, text me if you need anything,” goes a long way.

Talk it out

If you’re in a relationship, you have to realize that there will always be ups and downs. Have you had an argument with your partner yet? If the answer is no, don’t worry because you will. At one point or another, you will yell and so will they and you might think that everything is coming to a horrible end.

But the perfect couple doesn’t exist. That’s right, even young celebrities like Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins have their flaws.

Communication is key (you didn’t have to take COM 100 to know this). If you have something to say, then say it. If something bothers you, tell them. If you keep everything locked up in your head, nothing will change.

I’ll save you some time by saying your partner is probably not picking up on your nonverbal gestures, facial expressions or eye rolls. Speak about what’s on your mind, talk about it together, listen and compromise to make things work.

Appreciate them

There are so many little things you can do to show your partner that you care. Send them a quick text, buy them a pack of gum or their favorite candy bar, or write them a little note or card. Sometimes just telling them you love them at random times can mean the world. These are all so small and easy; they simply let your partner know that you think about them even when there’s no occasion.

Everyone likes to be appreciated for being themselves. Any of these things can turn their whole day around. Gestures are done simply because you want to do them. They aren’t asked for, which makes them feel that much more special and unique when they’re received.

Whether you’re currently in a relationship or not, college is fun. No one needs a partner to get through these four years and enjoy it at the same time. Balancing education with dating is difficult at times, but hopefully these tips will make your experience a little smoother.

Leeann Dragos is junior at SUNY Oswego pursuing a major in creative writing.

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