/Normal Life is Back–Isn’t It?
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Normal Life is Back–Isn’t It?

By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Is “normal” life back? Cayuga Community College and SUNY Oswego representatives weigh in. 

Here’s what Tina Cooper, internship coordinator at SUNY Oswego, has to say:

• “I don’t like the word ‘normal’; however, it will be different than the pandemic campus. I’ve been able to take part in an orientation class for students coming in the fall. It will be closer to the pre-pandemic. “

• “It’s exciting to see the campus brought back to life again. As an alumnae, seeing the campus as empty as it was, was disheartening. Having students convene for clubs and be in-person for internships, community partnerships and volunteering will be a great moment for a lot of our students’ mental health. It will help them succeed as a person on campus. They’re coming to college for the college experience. No student wants it to be downsized, which was what needed to be done during the pandemic.”

• “I am proud at how communicative the staff has been to parents and students coming in. We have Facebook groups available to incoming freshmen to make sure they’re getting correct information. We’re never going to say something that we know isn’t set in stone.” 

• “I was a 2015 graduate. Is my senior year going to be different from those graduating this year? Yes, but that doesn’t make it a bad thing. It’s a new normal for students and it will directly relate to whoever is starting an entry level position this year. Our students’ adaptability level will be greater than previous classes. I’ve always said that about millennials and Gen Z. They have been so adaptable with technology. For them, there are a number of hardships but their adaptability is there.”

Here’s what Andrew Poole, public and media relations associate with Cayuga Community College, has to say:

• “Our fall 2021 semester will be more in line with pre-pandemic semesters—more in-person courses, more on-campus opportunities for student groups and clubs, the return of a regular athletics schedule, and other steps that will return our college community to a pre-pandemic experience.” 

• “We will of course remain vigilant against the pandemic and follow the health and safety guidelines outlined by New York state, SUNY and local health agencies. A big part of students enjoying a collegiate experience that resembles pre-pandemic semesters is their decision to be vaccinated against COVID-19.”  

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