/Oswego Approves Allowing Marijuana Dispensaries

Oswego Approves Allowing Marijuana Dispensaries

They’re zoned for the eastern section of the city; there currently aren’t any

By Steve Yablonski

The Port City opted in to allow adult-use marijuana dispensaries and on-site consumption lounges, according to a listing by the Rockefeller Institute of Government.

About a dozen other communities around the county have also opted in. They included the condition that prohibits a dispensary or the consumption within 1,800 feet of a school, church or any public gathering areas within the community.

However, don’t expect to find a dispensary around Oswego anytime soon.

Currently, there are no local dispensaries. The closest is MedMens in North Syracuse.

“Yes, we will allow dispensaries, in the allowable areas, which are only out east in the commercial district,” Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow said.

Dispensaries will be restricted to the east side of the Port City, according to current zoning provisions.

“Nobody has applied for a license, yet,” the mayor noted.

“I don’t believe there will be any recreational dispensaries any time soon in the Oswego area. I don’t think they have the legislation and taxation mapped out as of yet,” said James Gaffney of The Organic Earthling in Oswego. The business carries synthetic-free vitamins, minerals, organic supplements and more.

“As for medicinal or legal recreational, we may not see dispensaries until late 2022 or possibly 2023,” Gaffney said. “I don’t think we will be getting our license due to the extreme cost of a dispensary license! I heard it will be near $25k.”

If someone applies for a license to open a dispensary, it doesn’t guarantee they will be approved.

New York will tightly regulate marijuana as it does liquor.

Lawmakers had until the end of 2021 to decide if they wanted to opt out on allowing the sale of marijuana in a dispensary in their community.

A municipality which opted out may opt in later.

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