/Seniors: Finish the Year with a Bang

Seniors: Finish the Year with a Bang


By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Are you feeling the second semester fatigue yet? If not, you likely will be. The hours of studying, writing papers and completing projects seem to catch up with students by mid-semester each spring. Here’s how you can finish the year strong:

Plan. It seems a lot less difficult to get it all done if you have a plan to execute. Make a list of actionable steps and check them off. Prioritize your to-dos so that the most vital items fall at the top of the list and the extra credit stuff is at the bottom.

Relax. No one can work like a machine at schoolwork without burning out. Designate times to do activities that help you unwind. Getting outside, hanging out with friends or taking time for self-care can all make a difference. Eat better, exercise and try to get enough rest.

Reconnect. If you text or call someone you haven’t touched base with for a long time, it can help ground you. In addition to asking how they’re doing (and you should), get real about how you’re doing. Venting to a trusted listener can help you feel better about the work you have yet ahead of you — and how far you’ve come already this year.

Forgive. If you slacked off in the fall semester, extend some grace to yourself. Maybe you were stressed, feeling overwhelmed or not completely engaged. That’s all right. You can change your strategy and do better, starting now.

Reengage. You may feel completely tired of a class. Or a few of your classes. Maybe even all of your classes. Try to think about why you’re in this major and what you hope to do someday. That can help you keep your focus on your long-term goals.

Remember that it may seem really tough now, but with perseverance, you can finish your program.

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