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Super Dave’s Roadside Grill on the Road Again

By Lou Sorendo

While restaurants nationwide have been affected negatively by the coronavirus pandemic, the food truck business is flourishing.

With restaurants either closed or limited in operation, there are limited options for folks to choose who are itching to not cook at home.

Also, coronavirus guidelines are easier to follow with a food truck because there aren’t things such as dining areas or capacity limits.

This has been good news for Gary Miller Sr., owner and operator of Super Dave’s Roadside Grill.

His food truck is set up at the forks of the road in Oswego, site of the former Barilla’s Service Station, 211 W. Bridge St.

The native and resident of Oswego adopted the name from the late Dave Agnes, who was a longtime friend and avid racing fan.

Miller, 55, has worked as a jack of all trades most of his life, and decided now is the time to establish a business and work for himself.

He launched the business last October, and has never looked back.

“My satisfaction comes when people enjoy my food and realize it’s all about quality,” he said.

Miller knows the importance of treating every customer well knowing that word of mouth can make or break a businessperson.

Super’s Dave’s features fresh hamburgers and sausage, Philly cheese steaks, French fries and chicken fingers at competitive prices.

All his ingredients are homemade to add a personal touch, such as his Texas hot sauce.

The cancellation of the annual Harborfest celebration has dimmed the prospects of many vendors such as Miller, but he refuses to let COVID-19 and its ramifications steer him off course.

Later in the fall, he will trek to Florida to set up stakes in the Sunshine State.

“Everything is a risk. It’s all about how far you want to push yourself,” he said.

The forks-of-the-road location means a wealth of lunch activity. “There’s really nothing else at this end of town other than McDonalds,” Miller said.

While he is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., he spends a good portion of time preparing for the next day.

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