/Two Oswego Grads Landed Great Jobs

Two Oswego Grads Landed Great Jobs


By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Emma Colling became a news producer in Rochester; Kyaw Klay Jr. fulfilled his dream to become a police officer in Syracuse

Oswego students can go far, as evidenced by Emma Colling (’22) and Kyaw Klay Jr (’22). 

Colling now works as a news producer for WROC Channel 8 TV in Rochester. A major in cinema, screen studies and broadcasting mass communications, Colling also minored in psychology. With her eye on the future, she worked as a campus videographer during her time at Oswego and gained leadership skills while serving as senior adviser for the Women’s Center. She also participated in a couple internships. 

Colling networked on LinkedIn, which is where she spotted the opening. 

“I never expected to work in news, but I’ve liked it a lot so far,” she said. “Producing requires a lot of attention to detail and making sure every detail is correct in the script and graphics. The job comes with a big responsibility because you’re broadcasting a show to thousands of people, so the information has to be accurate.”

She likes the variety that her job brings her every day. In addition to the novelty, the fast-paced environment keeps her work interesting.

She hopes to someday operate her own business. She advises current students regarding their dream job to be flexible. “You probably aren’t going to get your dream job right out of college. You may not even get any job right out of college. I never saw myself working in news, but I’m actually really enjoying it.  

“Just remember your journey is just beginning,” Colling added. “You also don’t have to just have one dream job. If you’re like me, you may have an interest in lots of different things, and that’s okay. It’s impossible to plan out your entire life. Don’t be afraid to pivot and try something new if you find yourself not liking where you’re at.”

Klay is finishing police academy training with an estimated September 2022 graduation. He plans to join the Syracuse City Police Department for which he is well-prepared with his criminal justice major and double minor in athletic coaching and human development. 

“I’ve always wanted to be a police officer ever since I was a teenager,” Klay said. 

When he was 9, Klay and his family emigrated to America from a Thai refugee camp. After his family settled in Syracuse, he developed concerns about the safety of fellow students. He petitioned the Syracuse City School District to reduce the school bus eligibility distance, as walking to school can be dangerous for students. Klay felt inspired to become a police officer by the officers serving his community.

While keeping up with his studies, Klay took care of his mother, who had cancer, and his younger siblings. His mother died in 2021.

Klay took the civil service exam in May 2021 while a junior at Oswego.  

“I enjoy my job because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” he said. “I enjoy helping others and keeping my community safe.”

He wants to maintain a good reputation in the department and eventually become chief of police. 

Klay has served in the Synergy Leadership Internship Program in Syracuse for summer 2019. 

“You can be anything you want to be. You just have to work for it,” Klay said. “It’s okay to fail, just don’t give up, then do it again more intelligently.”

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