/What’s New at CCC and SUNY Oswego

What’s New at CCC and SUNY Oswego

More than 15 new faculty members join Oswego this year; at CCC, a new basketball team will launch

By Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

Welcome! Or, welcome back, if you’ve been here before. What can you expect this year at your school? Find out!

At SUNY Oswego, a few new programs are starting this year, including a dance minor. Provost Scott Furlong said that several existing programs are now online, including wellness management, master’s in strategic communication and master’s in health care informatics.

“We’re always looking to see, ‘Where does society bring us?’” Furlong said. “We are always looking at where we need to be next.”

Wilbur Hall kicks off its phased re-opening. The building was gutted and remodeled. Furlong said it serves as home to many School of Education program classes.

“It’s a state-of-the-art building with special lab spaces for programs that need it,” Furlong said. “It may not seem like much to outsiders, but getting the School of Education back together is a big deal on campus. They were interspersed among four or five different buildings. You end up teaching in places you don’t normally teach in during a transition like this.”

The Fine and Visual Arts building continues its re-opening in January with large, newly-remodeled studios.

More than 15 new faculty members join the school this year. Oswego also launches a new program to transition students from high school into college.

“They’re exciting topics that are engaging students in college level work, with a lot of writing, independent work and interaction between students,” Furlong said. “These courses hit on different topics that are interesting to students. One faculty is doing a course on ‘A Study of Black Characters on Television’ and another is ‘The History of Gender Activism in the United States.’ An anthropologist is doing a course on skeletal remains. All these topics speak to students, as they have lots of pop culture references that we build the curriculum around.”

Cayuga Community College

At Cayuga Community College, two new programs begin, an Associate of Science degree in environmental science and a certificate program in industrial maintenance technology.

“We’ve added several new courses, including a public relations course and a fundamentals of statistics using technology course,” said Andrew Poole, public and media relations associate.

The school’s baseball team launches this spring, and CCC is also working on a project with the city of Auburn to create a multi-purpose field at Falcon Park to host its baseball, soccer and lacrosse games.

This fall at the Auburn Campus, CCC begins Young Entrepreneurs Academy.

“It helps local middle and high school students develop and launch their own business,” Poole said.

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