/What’s Next for the Oswego Mayor?

What’s Next for the Oswego Mayor?


By Steve Yablonski

In 2015, Billy Barlow, then 25, defeated Amy Tresidder in the race to become Oswego’s mayor; and in the process he became the youngest mayor in New York state. He began his term in 2016.

He was elected to a second term and has said he will complete his final year and a half as mayor of Oswego (Dec. 31, 2023).

This spring, Mayor Barlow said he was “bombarded with messages of encouragement and support” from people all around Central New York inquiring whether he intended to run for the State Senate.

He said he was humbled to be in the conversation. However, public service should be about wanting to do something, not be something, he said.

“I want to serve my community in a role where I can be effective. That role, for me, is not in the State Senate. I still have plenty more to do, and projects to complete, in my final year and a half as mayor of Oswego,” he said.

“I am very excited to see what direction Mayor Barlow’s career will take after his term is up. He has a talent for inspiring people to work together and think in a positive way. He is an expert at getting things done. I wish him well.” 

Mercedes Niess,
H. Lee White Maritime Museum
at Oswego, executive director

“Please ignore or override the city charter to allow Billy Barlow to continue another term as mayor of the city of Oswego at $125,000 a year. Billy Barlow and the Common Council have done a super outstanding job. Billy is also a wonderful ambassador for the city and he should continue to develop Oswego as the greatest small city in Central New York. Billy is ‘better than the best.’” 

Tony Leotta,
Former Oswego city engineer

“Just the other day, I was wondering if Mayor Barlow would consider running for the U.S. presidency, when he’s old enough. The whole country could benefit from his energy, vision and skills in orchestrating practical, community-building projects. He could show the world that the American Way can flourish under proper management, for the common good of its people. That’s true leadership, in my opinion.  Maybe he could fix the country like he fixed Oswego.” 

Larry Rapshaw,
Teacher, musician, town of Oswego

 “I will say I wish him the best in whatever direction he chooses to move in. I’m sure he will find great success.” 

Deana Michaels,
Fulton mayor

“Mayor Barlow has proven he is a leader and has foresight into the future needs of the community. He will do well in whatever career path he chooses.”

Carol Thompson,
Writer, Oswego

“Mayor Barlow has done an excellent job in making his vision of Oswego a reality. He has been the catalyst behind projects that have improved the aesthetics of Oswego’s waterfront, parks, recreation areas, and downtown, making the city more appealing to both community members and visitors. His accomplishments speak for themselves. Billy’s ability to work well with others and bring about positive changes will serve him well. Whether in the private or public sector, Billy’s future looks quite promising.” 

John DeRousie,
Public relations, Scriba

 “Although we disagree on most political issues, Mayor Barlow and I both agree on our love of the city of Oswego. I am proud of my record as mayor and our accomplishments of growing our beloved city into the success story it is today. Mayor Barlow continued with additional improvements. As a lifetime resident of Oswego, I am excited as to the potential growth of our wonderful city. Mayor Barlow deserves recognition for his leadership and dedication to the residents of Oswego. I wish him only the best in his future as a leader.  He has a bright future in New York politics.” 

Tom Gillen,
Former mayor of Oswego

“Mayor Barlow has proven to be an outstanding leader over the past eight and a half years—two years as the fifth ward councilor and the last six and a half years as mayor. I’ve had the privilege of working with him during his time as mayor and have seen how hard he works and how much he cares about this community. With his experience and skill set, he will be successful at whatever the next chapter brings, whether it is in the private sector or in public service. The city of Oswego has seen unprecedented progress and growth during his tenure and he deserves much of the credit because of his exceptional leadership,” 

Robert Corradino,
Oswego Common Council
Seventh Ward

INSET PHOTO: Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow was on the cover of the February-March 2016 issue of Oswego County Business magazine. When he was elected in 2015 at age 25 he was the youngest mayor in New York state. 

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