/While You Were Out …

While You Were Out …

5 things you missed over the summer

By Lou Sorendo

Much can happen between spring commencement and beginning of the fall semester. We at College Life felt it important to fill you in on some of the more dramatic occurrences that happened while you were soaking up the sun.
Remember: Knowledge is power.

1. Skunks Stink in the Port City

College community members who reside off campus may want to know that skunks are making an effort to take over the Port City.

“There’s an invasion of skunks in the city,” said one Oswego Common Councilor recently.

The city is expected to hire an outside trapper — at a cost of $8,000 — to help control the situation. In the meantime, if you happen to run into the striped mammal known for spraying liquid of a vile nature, turn and run the other way unless you want to be quarantined for a lengthy period of time.

One consolation: They are nocturnal.

Another upside is they are known to live under porches, so if you are short on rent, it’s only right that they pay their fair share. However, they may raise a stink about it.

2. Sex for Rent

Several women allege an Oswego landlord — Douglas Waterbury — demanded sex in exchange for lower rents and maintenance work at his properties over the past five years.

The women and CNY Fair Housing sued Waterbury in federal court recently, claiming he used his position to sexually harass them starting in 2012, according to published reports.

These types of situations make managed student housing — a concept that is being introduced with the new Lakeside Commons being constructed near campus — a solid alternative for students.

3. New Student Housing

Lakeside Commons is a $20 million project that will feature 84 townhouses along with a two-story clubhouse. It’s being built next to the campus on the west side. The trend is revolutionizing the student housing industry and is expected to raise the bar in terms of offering quality, safe housing for students. The 144,000 square-foot complex will feature 320 beds within 11 buildings.

Floor plan types include four bedrooms-four baths, two bedrooms-two baths and six bedroom-six baths. There will also be a 9,000 square-foot two-story clubhouse.

Rent ranges from about $825 to $875 depending on the floor plan, and the package includes Internet and cable.

Construction will be complete in June of 2018 and first occupancy by students will be in August of 2018, according to Jeffrey Smetana, vice president of NDG.
See story in this issue.

4. $10 Million for Oswego

The city of Oswego has been awarded $10 million as part of a state-based Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI). The goal of the initiative is to transform local neighborhoods and create vibrant communities for residents and students to live, work and study.

Perhaps the most significant project on the DRI radar for the college community involves making the city more biker and walker friendly.

City of Oswego Mayor William “Billy” Barlow said he is looking forward to having better control of the ambience of downtown and creating an enjoyable, comfortable atmosphere.

Barlow is excited about the “Complete Streets” component of the project, which emphasizes the importance of designing lane striping, bicycle lanes, signage, crosswalks, pedestrian control signals, bus pull-outs, curb cuts, ramps and traffic calming measures to make experiencing the city more enjoyable.

5. New Hotel

In terms of hospitality options for visiting parents, a new Home2 Suites by Hilton has opened on the city’s east side. Home2 Suites is targeting extended-stay guests — five-plus nights — such as individuals requiring a long-term stay due to various reasons that include relocation or home renovations, long-term training and consultation projects, construction projects, and power plant shut downs.

In addition, Home2 Suites is looking for transient-stay guests as well — one to four nights— such as the travelers associated with corporate business and government, as well as leisure guests coming in for a weekend event. Of course, the hotel welcomes students and their families.

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